Cihat Salik

Initial Blog Post

3 mins | July 16, 2023 (10m ago) | 

Hello, in this first post, I will briefly talk about my plans for implementing and working towards my goals, as well as introduce myself. I am aware of the many benefits of blogging, so I aim to share at least one blog post every month, as it will increase my motivation to research and learn, at least for the purpose of writing blog posts. Additionally, I believe that blogging will allow me to express myself better. Therefore, I have decided to start blogging.

Let me briefly introduce myself. My name is Cihat. I live in Istanbul, I am 23 years old, and I have around 2 years of experience as a software developer. I mainly specialize in frontend development. I really enjoy learning and researching. In March 2023, I graduated from Firat University with a degree in Computer Engineering. Currently, I work as a Frontend Developer at Akinon. Previously, I worked part-time at Jotform while also studying. After graduating from school, I began my full-time job search and continue with Akinon.

I am considering writing about various topics on my blog. For this purpose, I can separate my blog posts into different subjects using tags or filters. This way, I can discuss both technical and philosophical topics, as well as share my thoughts on the content I consume (movies, videos, books, series, games, articles) and the points that I find important. I plan to add posts about the areas that interest me. For example, I recently got acquainted with Stoic philosophy, and it has had a tremendous impact on me. I listen to the podcast series called "Stoa Okumalari" on Spotify, narrated by Kemal Karadayı, and I believe it provides me with great inspiration. Since it is a relatively new area of interest for me, I don't have well-grounded thoughts about it yet. However, I believe I will substantiate my understanding through future readings and research. I also contemplate writing a humble article about Stoic Philosophy in the future.

In this post, I briefly talked about myself and briefly mentioned what I plan to do on in the future. Until the next post, see you later.