Cihat Salik

CS Basics Series - #0

5 mins | February 04, 2024 (4m ago) | 

For a long time, I have been grappling with confusion regarding my personal development path, exploring various areas of software such as iOS, Rust, Go, C++, and more. Last night and today, I made the decision to step back a bit. During this reflection, I came to the realization that my approach to development ambitions was flawed. Understanding that not everything can be pursued simultaneously, I acknowledged the need to solidify my foundational knowledge first. Therefore, I decided to let go of my scattered efforts and focus on strengthening my fundamentals.

If the foundation of the house is not strong, the roof will rise in vain.

Similarly, in my journey of self-development, I've come to recognize the importance of building a solid foundation. Without a robust base, my efforts to explore diverse areas of software were akin to constructing a fragile structure. Now, my focus is on reinforcing my fundamentals, ensuring a stable groundwork for my future endeavors.

Roadmaps I will use in this process
OpenSource Society University - CS
Teach Yourself Computer Science
I found some insightful ideas within the repository, particularly, this article caught my attention and provided valuable enlightenment.👉🏻 Coding Interview University

List and order of topics in the series

I will structure and prioritize the content based on the chapters outlined in the book Cracking The Coding Interview, aligning with the sequence presented therein. Subsequently, I'll correspondingly address the relevant subjects delineated in the book Data Structures & Algorithms in C++. You can access the grades for each section from the links provided in the list below.

  1. Introduction and Big O
  2. Data Structures
  3. Concepts and Algorithms
  4. Knowledge Based